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Pay Application Fee and Rent Online

If you are new to our company, welcome! We are glad to offer you the convenience of online or scheduled payment through our resident portal. Please follow the guidelines below for the type of payment you are making.

Application Fee

We require your application fee before we will process your rental application. A $40.00 fee must accompany the application for each adult applicant. All application fees are non-refundable.

If you have or intend to submit a rental application, it is best to go directly to our Online Rental Application which processes your application fee at the same time.

Melissa – Applications

rental applications

Melissa processes your application and application fees. If you have questions, please call Melissa at (406) 248-9028.

Security Deposit

Payment for security deposit is not available online

We accept payment for security deposit by cashiers check or money order. Please call with questions at 406-248-9028.

Rent and Related Fees

Pay online by credit card or e-check. You must sign up the first time paying through our resident portal. After that just login and pay. (convenience fee applies).

Scheduled Rent Payment

You can also sign up for automatic rent payment to be paid each month directly from your bank account. Enjoy the convenience without any hassles or worry about late fees. A small service fee applies for each monthly payment.

Faith – Rent Payment

rent payment

Faith takes care of all matters pertaining to your lease agreement and rent payments. You can pay your rent online anytime or sign up for automatic payment each month.

A convenience fee applies for online payments